A Little Perspective From Tom Church

I’ve recently started applying to colleges- but no. That’s not what this post is about. I will not dwell on such things. *shiver*

Instead, I will talk about what I want to do with my majors.

In many cases, looking into the majors that certain colleges offer is a bit troubling. For example, applying to the small and less significant College of Southern Maryland was strange, because they only offered a “General” degree for Journalism; there was no specific academic category for journalism. They lumped it all into one rather unsettling group. This is absolutely and totally understandable, as I’m sure that CSM is not necessarily bent on cranking out journalists by the millions, I just felt strange having to settle.

When I looked into Syracuse and University of Maryland, I found more of what I was looking for. The areas there were pretty swell.

Anyway. So I was bumbling around on the internet when I realized how much I’d rather participate in Religion as a minor study, rather than Psychology. It just popped into my head. For the longest time, I’ve told everybody that I’ll be a Journalist major, and a Psych minor. Well, no more! I’ll also see if I can learn sign language. That’s a valuable skill.

Getting off the topic of myself, which in all reality seems very egotistical, even to me, I’d like to point out that Yahoo! news made a grammatical error in one of their headlines the other day. It really twerked my guts. The headline was to the effect of “Meteor’s Have Profound Effect on Earth’s Surface” or something. The apostrophe killed me.

I looked at the comments to see how many other English-loving Americans caught it. The best comment I found was that “They also seem to be changing the rules of the English language.” I was pretty pleased. People had seen it, after all. Some faith in humanity has been restored.

This is only one of the millions of times I’ve found typos, albeit in books or movies or in the public domain, etc. I saw an ad that proclaimed “Its a man thing.” Apostrophize that shit! Or how about the sign that said “NO PARKING HERE — CITY ORDIANCE 581.” If I’d been driving at the time, I would’ve parked there. And when the police pointed the sign out to me, I would’ve said “I looked through the entire handbook of city ordiances, and didn’t find a rule against it! I did, however, find an ordinance against parking here. But according to the sign, that’s not what’s being applied.” Silly humans!

I read War of the Worlds in the fourth grade, and that was the first book that I ever took a pen to. I marked that book up, and found maybe four or five definite and rather significant errors. Just today, while reading an ebook on my iPod, I found ‘extinguisher’ spelled ‘extinbiesher’ and then again as ‘extingbushr.’ That’s pretty blatant, guys. Come on. Get your shit together.

I hope that colleges get a chance to see my editing skills. I really do. I drop editing like it’s hot.

aestheism, not atheism


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