A Little Perspective From Tom Church


I recently fell into a big gulch. That gulch is tumblr.

But it’s such a wonderful gulch, and I can imagine that most readers are nodding their heads like “yeah, I feel more at home scrolling down my dashboard than I do laying in my bed.” I do too, guys.

The thing about tumblr is that it bombards you with all the right things, and all the right quotes, and all the right fandoms. And you can pick and choose, too. Oh, and you can customize your own themes and upload whatever the hell you want, even if it isn’t yours. And all that crazy jazz. People don’t pay as much attention to as you like to fantasize about, but still- it’s marvelous. Oh, and I still hate Twitter.

I tried Pinterest, too, and I liked it a lot. My only major qualm is that it’s geared mainly towards girls who like clothes. And that’s fine. Girls are fine liking clothes. It’s just not for me, all that much. I tried my best unfollowing the ‘clothes’ boards that people set up and only following funny things, but the thing is that inevitably, you will find that you are following more clothes boards than you think, and it will be overwhelming. I have never seen so many dresses on one webpage that are sparkly and expensive.

Tumblr is much more fandom-based, and we can all see the virtue in that.

I tried Twitter. Sort of. I quit.

I also love “Reddit” which is a huge forum community with subsequent sectors called “subreddits” that are optimized for your viewing needs. Everything on that website is hilarious.

I also am a complete Netflix-addict. I stream everything, compulsively. There are so many good shows, don’t listen to what people tell you about their selection being crappy and their… well, that’s probably all that people will tell you about Netflix anyway. The thing is, there is SOMETHING on Netflix for you. At least one thing, if not two, or ten things. I have no complaints when it’s as accessible as it is, I have the app on my iPod and I have the website bookmarked.

But back to my main point: I’m currently very addicted to Tumblr. And I believe I’m at the point of no return; there’s just so many good things that it offers, so many lovely pictures and funny posts and clever users. It’s like being a part of a big club of people who are all funnier and more attractive than you, but they don’t call you out for anything. If it were REAL life, it’d be like me trying to sit at the cool table at lunch. They’d beat me up. But Tumblr is the cool table. Automagically. You just pull up a seat and eat fandoms.

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