A Little Perspective From Tom Church

I have recently undertaken several responsibilities that are, at the very least, time-consuming. I have a job, a draft for a book (in the making), several summer assignments (of which Erin seems to be more concerned about than I), and, of course, I must make time to see friends and Miss Nolan.

I have shelved the blog. And while I trust Erin to at least post every so often, she is very frazzled about the whole thing. She asks me often why I don’t post, and why I don’t make time. The reason is because by the time I have a chance to maybe sit down and type out something that could possibly be read by a hundred people or so, I’m incredibly tuckered out.

I realize the importance of diligence, and of maintaining the things I’ve taken responsibility for. And I understand how easy it is to let things slip. However, I’m the kind of person to make room for one thing by pushing another out. And the projects I’ve listed above all seem, to me, worth keeping and maintaining. It’s difficult, yes, but I must find time for the blog.

I won’t talk about the blog- no one likes to read about what they’re reading. I’ll talk about diligence, because diligence is maybe one of the most impeccable and perfected behaviors that a human can have. Perseverance fosters integrity better than any other form of conduct I’ve ever observed. And yes, it’s true: I am proud when I feel my story take shape, or when I spend time with Erin, or when I come home from an honest day’s work. This kind of devotion makes me happy.

And so does the blog, do not get me wrong. But the trick is finding that shred of pride in all things we do by effective time management, also a very powerful behavior to master. I have not yet even begun to effectively manage my time, for I am a procrastinate and lazy fool. But diligence and time management are so completely necessary toward success that it worries me sometimes when I think of what I lack in those areas. I think that if for just one or two days I could be master of them both, I could do so much with so little.

If there is one thing I believe I can effectively and diligently perform under time constraints, it is write my novel.

If everyone were to single out one thing at a time, everything would have the potential of being completed exponentially faster. Food for thought.

aestheism, not atheism.


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