A Little Perspective From Tom Church

There are many people who would boldly proclaim the importance of seriousness, the wonders of sternness, and the power in silly sobriety.

I am not one of those people.

Generally, I believe that the most powerful behavior is that of happiness, and what better way to show you’re happy than smiling? And dancing and being goofy and singing? It shows that you’re uninhibited, that you have no fears and that nothing bothers you deeply- you are your own shield, your own Aes Triplex.

People grow up, don’t they? People get big and smart and they start working and they don’t ever quit. They devote their entire lives to doing something they choose, but they can’t back out of it as easily as they’d sometimes like to. And to some people, it seems so bleak. It’s turning into something different, and that means that you can never again revert to what you once were: just a kid.

But that’s not totally true. There are people in my life, and people in everyone’s lives, that have, quite simply, grown up “the correct way.” The perception differs from person to person, but mine is this:

The correct way to grow up, to grow old, and to die is as a happy child, seeking fun in ever newer and stranger ways.

Now, immediately, you may think:

1) What of innocence? Will it ever be broken, or will we practice ignorance?
2) What of well-being? When does ‘fun’ for us become too irrational, too harmful to ourselves?
3) How in the world will we sustain ourselves?

These questions are easily tackled. Just like many other aspects of life, the trick is simply said and yet not simply done: balance.

Innocence will be broken. Ignorance has long-term negative effects that we don’t want to ever see slap us in the face. Instead, what we do is we learn, for learning is fun- and while not everything we learn will please us, we will understand that happiness lies in our perspective of ourselves and our surroundings, not objective facts and saddening probabilities. The only fact we need pay any attention to is that we are who we want to be, and we are happy because we are happy.

As for our well-being? Well, seeing as we aren’t going to end up completely oblivious to the negative effects of our behavior (since we’re gonna learn, right?!), then we’ll know not to do anything risky, and not to do anything completely and totally bad. Drugs. Law-breaking. Other reckless behavior. Those things are only pleasing for unhealthy people, anyways, and we’re going for healthy! There are so many ways to be fun when you simply open up your eyes to the strange and unique beauties found in everything. Imagination is powerful, and so are the goofy and uncoordinated physical capabilities of our bodies. I swear, jumping can keep me entertained for hours. I’m sure it will as an adult, too. Maybe you, the reader, will not necessarily find it as amusing… but you get the picture. The only sorts of fun we should rule out are those that have negative outcomes on us or on others.

And with these two main tenets, we are able to sustain ourselves. Provide for yourself. I do not mean graduate from high school and study for the best-paying career you see as being reachable. I mean graduate and study and perform what you love, what you feel you could do for ages and ages. Do what you like! And be happy around others. Any people who insist upon being pessimistic douchebags? Well, who needs them? If you can’t seem to lighten them up, it’s always okay just to make sure you aren’t around them much.

There you have it! Be silly, childish, goofy, dorky, fun, and weird. Smile lots and be sure to mind your own business. Don’t intrude on others just for the sake of being bright and sunny to someone who might not like getting jumped by a grinning psycho. And avoid risky behaviors.

There. A guide to life, of sorts.


What a weirdo.

aestheism, not atheism.


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  1. Isabella said:

    Happy birthday, Tom Cat! <3

  2. Thank you, Bella! (:

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