A Little Perspective From Tom Church

Hey, all. I haven’t posted in a day or two since recently, I’ve picked up a swell job: lifeguarding. The other guards are great, my bosses are friendly, and the work itself is tiresome but worth it. It’s very fulfilling stuff.

The talk of other students and guards is tanning. I understand, I mean… if you think about it, tanning can kind of be the key to looking hot or not, in some cases. It’s just what’s in, I suppose. I’ve spent most of my life being a pale kid. Having a pool in Missouri made me tan for a while, but mostly I’m just white.

Well, the first few days on the job tanned (and burned) me noticeably. It’s great, though. For once, I feel like I’m actually working towards a whole bunch of things: money, complexion, fitness. It’s several birds with one stone. On a different note, I’ve never even come close to killing a bird with a stone before.

I met a kid on a roaming patrol shift today who approached me and said his name was something like “Column.” Then I found out his name was Cullen. He said he was five, and while I scanned the pool area, he told me all about how he read at a first-grade level even though he was five, and how he wanted to be a football player when he grew up because they wore the most protective gear. He told me he read Harry and Mudge. 

“Who’s the author?” I asked, recognizing the book.

“A whole bunch of different people write the books,” he said. “No one, really.”

After a couple of minutes of this, the adult swim period ended. While adult swim goes on, we have to remain at our posts, of course, but mostly our jobs lately have been to watch over those people who are relaxing at the edges, and in our down time ask people if they like the new renovations. People, on the whole, have been incredibly friendly and nice to me. I’ve met many good folks.

The whistles blew. Cullen, mid-sentence, suddenly sprang up and hurled himself into the water. I gasped and went to hold out my tube, but he had done it on purpose. He was loving it.

“Thank you, Lifeguard Tom!” he yelled, and frolicked in the water. I smiled, and took the shoulder strap of the tube off my shoulders and handed it to the next guard.

“Have fun!” I shouted.

Ten, fifteen seconds passed. I walked away, not expecting a reply from my fun-loving kindergarten friend.

“I will!” he blurted.

aestheism, not atheism.


Comments on: "Sun On My Arms (Thom’s Thoughts)" (1)

  1. From a fellow Guard:

    Nice job Tom. Keep at it. Describes the job perfectly lol.

    – Brennan

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