A Little Perspective From Tom Church


I draw two things, mainly. Cats and pigs. They’re fun and silly and I like making them say disjointed little things that have little to no real meaning.

My favourite, perhaps, is one where cats are holding a meeting. One is standing at the podium, and he says, with an air of importance, and of course, in a yowling fashion: “I… have a dream…” A nearby cat is raising its hand, saying “Wat time iz lunch?” And a pig, looking culture-shocked, sits numbly, with a sleeping kitten on his head.

Tragically, this same drawing was ripped recently, when I showed it to some kids in my French class. One of these jerks ripped the back of it, failing to remember that my prize drawing was on the other side. He received quite the verbal lashing.

I have others, though- to start you off, I’ll show you that one, damaged though it may be (and a bit bad quality-wise, but isn’t everything?):

As you can see, that little cat is saying “Wat time is lunch.” Also, you can see the tear at the top of the page.

The drawing itself is a bit cruddy, and up close, its cruddiness increases almost exponentially. But if nothing else, I like what the cat’s saying.

Here’s another:

Here we have a small kitten, fawning over a pig’s trough. “Mister Pig, I can has your trough?” it asks tentatively. The pig looks a bit surprised.

Here’s a third:

Here we have a shocked, rigid kitten yelling for his friend, Pig, to get the bucket off his head. Sadly, the pig is also tied up, having a bucket on his head. A very sad predicament for them both.

And lastly, a fourth:

A small cat, asking a pig and a cat (who are very obviously great friends) if they’d like more tea.

Pigs and cats, while being maybe my only area of remote expertise, is at least a thrilling, entertaining, and quaint drawing niche.

aestheism, not atheism.


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