A Little Perspective From Tom Church

Tea (Thom’s Thoughts)

There’s a general consensus out there that coffee is for those who’re feeling particularly:

1) white-collar
2) addicted
3) classy

I tend to go with a combination of one and two, simply because it’s not necessarily *classy*, per se, but because really, it just tastes good. You put enough sugar in, anything tastes good.

Well, tea’s like that too.

Tea is amazing, anyway you take it; Erin’s not a huge fan, but sweet tea is about as simple as it gets. Sweet tea is great, but only cold. Warm sweet tea is only for certain people.

There was a restaurant I once visited called McAllister’s, and they must have had the best sweet tea I’d ever tasted. I’d keep a look out for it.

Chai tea is kind of a rare commodity, but if you find it, nab that bitch. It’s by far the craziest and sweetest-smelling tea. It smells like Big Red gum and tastes like gingerbread. How that happened, I’m not sure… but shit.

Green tea is good, too… Moroccan green tea is actually really good, specifically. It tastes like sweet mint. Drink it hot, though, that’s the only thing. Make sure it’s hot.

And tea with milk is definitely one to consider. Anything with milk, really. I’m 80% milk.

That’s why I’m so pasty-white.

aestheism, not atheism. 


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