A Little Perspective From Tom Church

Recent events have led me down a path of filling out forms and initialing papers which I can’t bring myself to see a clear point in.

For everyone out there who’s ever had to fill out a job application, I’m right there with you. For everyone who fills out forms for National Honors Society, I’m also feeling your pain.

I have a laptop. And my laptop is one of my few but powerful solaces. I need Microsoft Word like I need books. I need to be writing.

I’ve been working on a story for a very long time, sculpting it and shaping it the best I can, focusing in on small little details to the point of obsession. And still, I’m sure it has plot flaws and inconsistent character development, in some ways.

But I love writing, and I love what I do. I want so badly to spend the rest of my working life obsessing over clusters of words, my own words.

I’m no Harper Lee. I don’t write a page and tear it up and throw it out, and redo that page twenty-seven or twenty-eight times before I get it just perfect. But I know that an edited piece is a successful one, and I also know the best editor of a man’s work is himself.

So I try. And of course, after my own edit sesh, I plan on passing my work along to others and seeing if they find any major flaws. But writing excites me! Even this, writing about writing, is exciting.

So maybe people can understand how I’d much rather be putting off other things to satiate my writing needs.

A word of advice to those who spend their days doing things they don’t like: I’d find something you do like to do, and put that ahead of everything. I don’t mean drugs, sex, or psychiatrically-wrong habits like serial killing or necrophilia. But really, guys, it’s so obvious. If other things suffer, so be it. But Erin and I take time out of our days to do what we love, to talk to each other, to write and paint and draw. We find ways to work all these things into our schedules,

and we’re as happy as could be!

Writing can serve as an example: find something you love, and stick with it. And then learn to live by that rule.


aestheism, not atheism.


Comments on: "Words of Advice, And What Writing Means to Me (Thom’s Thoughts)" (1)

  1. ima a dog when it comes to sniffing out plot holes and such. ill proboly make a post pointing out some…
    and no serial killings? what am I suposed to carve my name into if not fresh corpses?

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