A Little Perspective From Tom Church

Guys, I had a thought the other day.

It surprised me too.

It’s amazing that Japan, while being practically on the other side of the world, has had such a major effect on my generation.

I can name every single Pokemon from the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn regions given their picture (I don’t really play the new shit). I can tell you how to play Yu-Gi-Oh!, I think, or at least how I play. I can tell you that the creator of Pokemon did not die in the 2010 Japanese tsunami, and that I’m pretty sure the Digimon theme song goes something like:

Digimon garlic,
Digimon garlic junction.

 I know that the Exo-Force Lego series had some of the coolest, and I suppose *only*, action-oriented comic books I ever read… and I used to want to defend the Golden Bridge with a giant robot myself. The first Exo-Force Lego character I ever got was Takashi, and I would battle robots with my brother. I was the one with all the robots.
I know that Naruto wasn’t that interesting.
I know that Dragonball Z was like Die Hard when I was a kid. My favourite character was probably Vegeta. I was annoyed because everyone I knew had a fetish for Goku, and even at such a young age, I couldn’t be that mainstream.
I watched like, one episode of Gundam Force, but the important thing is that I REMEMBER.
Japan is also responsible for such things as Shonen Jump! and other Manga comics. The thing is, I always viewed those things as “cheap reads,” meaning it didn’t take too much brainpower, and it simply accomplished nothing. So I kept my highly-opinionated ass away from the manga shelves at the book fair. But I noticed.
As a young child, my mother rented Spirited Away, probably the most popular Japanime movie ever released in America.
Frankly, it scared the hell out of me, but it also blew my mind.
Erin and her sister like Japanime, and I’ve recently found a website where you can watch a whole bunch of English-made Japan films. I watched My Neighbour Totoro and I intend on watching Howl’s Moving Castle with Erin.
You just can’t get these feelings from Pokemon movies.
I did watch Pokemon 2000, believe me. I also watched whichever one had Celebi in it, and I think I caught a scene of the one with Latias and Latios in it… they were all pretty meh, I guess, but 2000 was at least interesting. I hated how they were always having to deal with Team Rocket. I didn’t just disapprove of Team Rocket like every Pokemon watcher ever, I hated them. Hardcore hated them. Wanted the voice actors to be fired.
Speaking of all this hardcore Pokemon stuff, has anyone ever even considered Nintendo? These days, everyone’s got an Xbox 360 or a PS3, and that’s cool too. But I’m pretty sure Gameboys were the biggest thing ever at one point. And I’m also pretty sure my Sega Genesis (I played Sonic for hours) is Japanese… and when I grow up I want a Zen garden and a bonsai tree. And I want more Mogu people (plush pillows that have specific colours and corresponding attributes; I have Success, which is red, and my brothers have Courage [black and white] and Dream [blue and white]) and…
and yes.
If you’re thinking this post is one big ad for Japanese products, you’re correct.
Buy Japanese.
aestheism, not atheism.

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