A Little Perspective From Tom Church

Erin is a magnificent and wonderful example of a hipster. Me? Maybe.

Hell, I dunno. You know what? I think being hip is like da economy. It goes up den it goes down.

No, nevermind.

Being hip? Maybe it’s a frame of mind. I think that it’s at least partly that. You know what makes people look at other people differently? The way others do things. Erin and I, we do things together, we do things like kids having fun. We write pretty well and we’re happy all the time… sometimes completely disregarding everybody else.

Hip? Sure, man.

Another thing people commonly speculate on when it comes to being hipsters? Clothes. Yeah, clothes. I mean, I guess in some cases, it is a big deal. Scarves; thick glasses (that are non-prescrip, mind-ya); gloves, maybe; skirts (for girls); you know. Stuff that kids don’t usually wear.

Here’s pretty conformist clothing that you should avoid (unless of course you pair it with something off-the-wall, bonkers-hipster) (for guys):

  • Normal tennies.
  • Hoodies that are just kinda fuzzy wool stuff, I guess.
  • A SINGLE TEE SHIRT. And if you think about it, it looks like you didn’t even put any thought into choosing what you wear!
  • Tee shirt and jeans is a bad combo, too.
  • Tee shirt with an unbuttoned button-down shirt over it. WTF, man.
  • Under Armour? Also, WTF.
  • Sweatpants. Don’t wear them.
  • Gym shorts? Why would you wear them if you’re not in gym, or exercising or something? Because you’re a noob, yo! I’d try a good pair of jeans with a decent-looking shirt on.

Now, here are a few trends I’ve noticed recently. I try to avoid them, given my small dresser.

  • Plaid, crummy, Urban Pipeline-type shirts that aren’t flannels. They’re meh. People tend to think any plaid button-down is a flannel… flannels are fuzzy, guys…
  • People also think plaid in general makes you hip, auto-magically. Nope. Plaid shoes and shorts, I try to avoid.
  • Shorts, with a belt that has the excess bit hanging off and all. It’s kind of like “Hey, my shirt’s covering it up, but I’m wearing a belt, guys!” You can see that bit of rectangular belt hanging down to about their mid-thigh. Meh. Nah.

As a dude, I have pretty few clothing options. I try mixing it up, trying on new shoes every once in a while, mixing and matching. I dress up sometimes for no reason and go to school that way. Erin and I have done class dates before that are a ton of fun. I really like dressing up and looking good for Erin.

Getting off the topic of clothing for hipsters, I’d like to get to my last main hip point: artistic expressi0n.

This can cover many things. But mainly, it’s your musical and literate tastes.

Musically, it’s important to me to delve into music that’s not-so-common, maybe. Things that don’t play on the radio. There’s that classic picture, hold on…

Yeah! Exactly. While this picture is hilarious, it’s like, sometimes people get so hip that they can’t hear their song on the radio.

I’m in-between. I hear “Mushaboom” by Feist on the radio all the time when I’m with Erin and I like it.

However, bands like “The Shins,” to name one, or maybe (getting tech-indie) “Electric President” or Erin’s “Foster The People,” “Vampire Weekend” (obscure songs), et cetera, are awesome! That kind of stuff. I could name quite a few more. Stuff that isn’t on iTunes. EPs of your favourite locale. Sweet tunes from some underground rock bands, or melodious “Voxtrot,” sweet-sounding and mellow “Bright Eyes,” or kind of trippy-creepy “Eels” songs.

They’re all good. All great.

Secondly! Literature. Books. Who can honestly say they read actual books, without being forced to… and not on a Kindle? Maybe, like, 1 in 8 people. That seems like a good guess.

Reading in public. Sitting on a park bench in broad daylight, legs up and tucked into yourself, reading. On the ground, on your back, hands held up, and holding a book. Books are so wonderful! Have you ever read a classic before? How could you not? Read classic. Read cult classics, the indie-hip version of a classic. Don’t read Moby Dick, shit, read “Catcher” or “Dune” (or maybe not…), or “TKAM” or something. Read something.

So! What do we got. Uh,

and artistic expression.

Get your own of each. Then you’re hip.



Comments on: "Hip Quips (Thom’s Thoughts)" (2)

  1. artistic expression said:

    more indie bands: neutral milk hotel, animal collective, radical face, bon iver (more folk-y), iron & wine, of montreal, the velvet underground, modest mouse, sea wolf, sufjan stevens, clem snide…

  2. Artistic Expression: I’m glad to say I know *all* of the bands you’ve just listed. I actually recently burned Erin the entire “In An Aeroplane Over the Sea” album by Neutral Milk Hotel; I’ve burned her “The Shepherd’s Dog” by Iron & Wine before (isn’t “The Devil Never Sleeps” such an upbeat, wonderful song?); I’ve got Radical Face’s “Ghost” album (which is really good for a solo artist); I’ve got *only* indie and obscure Modest Mouse songs on my iTunes, and the rest have come up on my Pandora loads of times, although Sea Wolf only once, if I remember right. (: Glad to see other people are digging our vibes.

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