A Little Perspective From Tom Church

Living on the East Coast can pose problems-

including being raped by natural disasters.

In the past week, we’ve been earthquaked and hurricaned into a powerless, desperate mess. Having no power clutters the house, stinks up our rooms, and bruises our knees as we bump into things in the dark.

Now, I’m not trying to be cynical, but power outages don’t always bring out the best in family time. I’ll admit, the entire family went crazy at some points. Literally, I resorted to playing children’s card games with my youngest brother, and most of what I ate was gas station chicken and Coca-Cola. I tried watching a movie on my laptop, but I was forced downstairs at one point while watching, and then later it nearly died so I had to shut it off. Did you know Gerard Butler played as the Phantom in “The Phantom of the Opera?”

HOLY SHIT. And here I was, thinking that he’d never play a better role than an angry spartan or a bounty hunter after Jennifer Aniston- but he did well.

Anyways, I drove around with my dad in search of a generator for approximately three and a half hours the other day. We had one, but we needed a different wire to connect it to the house, and the one we were intent on using was actually one we’d borrowed. We had reserved one at Wal-mart. We tried looking at Lowe’s for a different wire, but they didn’t have one. We went up to a county some thirty minutes away and got a different connector for the wire we had, then got a call about the shipment coming in at Wal-mart. We drove there and were told “We ain’t got none left,” and then some woman with a very peculiar dye-job named “Cheryll” told us there were four in the back. We wheeled one to a cash register, and some people shouted “Hey, that guy’s got a generator!” so we rushed it to the car and shoved it in.

Then we got home and it blew all our lightbulbs in the house.

Ridiculously, I had fun with those three and a half hours.

No trees near our house were knocked down, but a little down the road, a family had a tree spill into their driveway, blocking their way out. Dad helped chainsaw it a little, but it’s still really in the way.

As you can tell, the power’s back on. It came on not even an hour ago, and it’s been off for about two days. Erin is still without, and we’re giving her one of the two generators we have currently. Considerably, two days is good. I’ve been in an ice storm that took our power for a week. But still.

Hurrican Irene F***ing Sucked.



Comments on: "Hurricane Irene F***ing Sucked (Thom’s Thoughts)" (1)

  1. Haha, I resorted to playing dominoes ( the longest game in the world) with my parents and step-brother. I won so it was alright. my score was 254 and andrews was 1164 haha :)

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