A Little Perspective From Tom Church

(transaction:) 1000 SHARES OF KAUF

Nigel the Chia charges 20 NEOPOINTS for commission.

Summary: You had 20 NP. After a successful transaction, you now have 18000 NP.

That’s just about my life.

Erin and I both have an array of online games we can fall back on (she’s told you before but I’ll tell you again: Clubpenguin, Runescape, Neopets, Habbo Hotel, et cetera).

I woke up this morning and got on my laptop, and said for the first time in probably a good two months “I’ll get on Neopets.”

So I log in, and immediately I go to the stock market, which is labelled a game, but really it’s just… I mean, you literally put money and and get more money out, how’s that even a game?

So I checked, and I profited by 12.5%, which is pretty reasonable, I suppose. If this game had a money cap, I’d’ve hit it long ago.

One time, I invested 100,000 in shares over the course of a few days in a company that makes bread or some shit. It doubled!

I’ve never really seen my money go down on this game unless I’m stupid and I buy things. In fact, I never buy anything. I just watch money go up.

Runescape-wise, Erin and I are okay. We just try selling useless items to random people, and I think sometimes it works. Didn’t we sell a shrimp to a new guy, Erin, for all his money?

Habbo Hotel is not a good game to make money on, partly because I’m pretty sure all you can buy is fish for your cat. Mrrrow.

And then in Clubpenguin… who wastes their time making money in Clubpenguin? TIP THE ICEBERG, YO.

It’s sad how we know the insides and outs of these games, to other people, but we have fun.

I’m going to go put that 18,000 into stocks now.



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