A Little Perspective From Tom Church

(I’ll start writing “Thom’s Thoughts” just to help distinguish between a post by me or a post by Erin)

Today, I get a laptop.


Actually, Microsoft Word. Because that’s probably the thing that will keep me the most occupied.

(The gang sign for that is MW; try it with your fingers. It can also stand for MidWest and Mr. Weasley)


I’ll also use it to blog a lot, and it’ll come complete with a videocam that we can vlog with, so, I’m pretty damn excited.

I’m buying it at Best Buy, which apparently is “Home of the Geek Squad!” And I kinda wanna get in on that scene. Because before Best Buy, there was never a civilized organ of collective geeks and nerds, except for maybe… I don’t know… The Organization for Pokemon Rights. And I never really was that interested in joining something for the protection of something that doesn’t exist.

It turns out that the Geek Squad just fixes computers and does it for low prices and stuff. Respectable, but, no.

I was picturing this: A woman is crying because her computer is stuck high up in an oak tree. Suddenly, a van (a creeper van with no windows) screeches around the curb to the nearest block, unsettling everyone in small-town suburbia.

The doors are slid open and the following people jump out:

  • Rick Moranis
  • Anthony Michael Hall
  • Michael Cera
  • That guy that, for some reason, people think is Jewish but is actually British, that played Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2
  • Freddie Wong

It doesn’t have to be all of them, I’m sure different combinations would give different results and stuff.

Anyway, the most typical result would be that they end up saving the cat with the help of rocket thrusters and stuff, I guess.

Yep. Geek Squad.



Comments on: "Geeks and Shit (Thom’s Thoughts)" (1)

  1. If Micheal Cera and Freddie Wong showed up at my house, I would shit my pants.

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