A Little Perspective From Tom Church

I got on oovoo this morning (Thursday, July 7th) and met with Erin.

I looked like shit.

We’ve been talking lately about our appearance. You know, how we look for each other. Erin told you guys about how my mom showed up at her house the other day and she freaked out a bit. My mom told me she called “Tom, come in!” in an attempt to make Erin die of embarrassment, even though I really wasn’t in the car.

Erin’s fine, I honestly think that her worst can’t be terrible. And even if it was, I really wouldn’t mind. I have aesthetic values, dammit! I can see through a morning guise, bedhead and sleepies. Easy as shit (which, for all of intended purposes, is very easy)!

I was worried when I got on oovoo, though. I hadn’t gotten in the shower this morning, and my hair was messy and my eyes were squinty.

But she told me I looked fine. And even though all I said was “ehhh,” I know that, if she was in my position and I in hers, I would’ve said the same thing. We really don’t mind, we’re just overly self-analytical jerks.

It doesn’t make any sense to be paranoid about our looks with each other, so we try not to. And I try to make her realize that any insecurities she might have really aren’t a big deal to other people, especially me- I’ve never judged her particularly on her looks. In all modesty, though, we’re pretty okay-looking people, and even though we overthink what we look like, put on airs when we’re together, well… I wouldn’t mind being together in pajamas, hair mussed up and seam-marks on our arms and legs. It wouldn’t be awkward- we’re just not awkward people. We are outwardly, sure, but an awkward moment with us just leads to more laughs and smiles.

A messy date would be as fun as a classy date, wouldn’t it? Any couples who’re (whore) reading, you may want to try one of them. Being classy feels *awesome*, I won’t deny it. I won’t deny the fact that the stares and whispers make me feel like a Norse God. However, feeling comfortable with Erin feels equally amazing.

So, get comf’table, and also, get classy.



Aestheism, not atheism.


Comments on: "I Look Like A Goddam Slob." (1)

  1. When you are in love, you see past the bed head and eye crud in the morning… When you’ve been in love a long time, you see past the stretchmarks and veins of pregnancy and the weight and the wrinkles that seem to accumulate over the years. Real love is way more than “skin deep”. Glad you got that at such a young age Thom.

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