A Little Perspective From Tom Church

Childish Things

[DISCLAIMER: I am going to be using “Catdog,” the children’s teevee show, as the stereotypical bad example of something to reminisce about. I don’t hate Catdog. But I will in this post.]

I was hanging out with someone the other day (and by that I mean roughly three years ago) who was interesting when it came to childish things.

We all have friends (or, at least I do) who really like childish things. I do, I mean, I like the early Spongebob episodes I guess, the original Winnie-The-Pooh by A. A. Milne, I have two or three stuffed animals I’d never toss out.

But sometimes it’s a bit over-the-top, listening to these kids talk about their childish obsessions. I mean, really! I listened to this kid rattle off a good twenty things that I thought were really dumb. He wasn’t just talking to me, he was talking to a whole bunch of people, and every bullet point would trigger an “oh yeah! I loved that show/thing/whatever.”

Who in God’s name liked Catdog? No one. That show… wait for this, please…


It did. Nobody liked it. It was the scourge of Nickelodeon. Cartoon Networks’ equivalent was probably… Well, I guess Cow and Chicken was bad, because it was literally a cow and a chicken, but if I remember right, that show was at least tolerable.

I don’t understand people that rave about things that suck, but if I had to guess, it’s because of a few reasons:

1) Attention. There’s no reason for anybody to feel ashamed, I mean, we all need a little. :)

2) To retain childhood pastimes? I like looking back on childhood too, I just don’t half-ass it and think “remember Catdog? Oh, Catdog was so good.” Then I blurt out “EVERY EPISODE’S MAIN CONFLICT WAS THAT THEY COULDN’T DETACH. SO EVERY EPISODE’S CLIMAX WAS THEM STRETCHED A HUNDRED MILES LONG, AND THEN SNAPPING BACK TOGETHER.”

It was true.

And 3) Because they actually liked Catdog.



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