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Science – Disproved!

I just missed my bus, which honestly I’m okay with since I get to write up a blog post.

As Erin said, we were very happy yesterday to see our views shoot up to just over a hundred. It means people are genuinely interested in what we write. That, or the link to our blog got put on a disgusting website.

You can see why I go with the first assumption- the second one isn’t doing it for me (that’s what she said).

The thing I’ve chosen to talk to you guys about today (you probably think I pull them out of a hat. Well, I don’t. It’s a bucket) is science.

Just kidding, who wants to hear that shit? I don’t. What would I talk to you about anyways- actually I could tell you about how a few days ago I put a frozen candy bar in the microwave. It made miniature-lightning, burned the wrapper, and made the whole thing smell like soggy cigarettes.

I know the smell.

But that isn’t science, that’s me being a jack-ass and forgetting that you don’t put certain things in the microwave. And science can be boring, can be, unless you naturally just think it’s fun (Erin likes the cycles, I like… hmm… I think I like Punnett Squares, especially sex-linked ones), or if there’s a chance you’ll kill yourself.

What I had chosen to talk about was-

I forget.

Well, then let’s talk about science- what qualifies as science? I don’t like when people say “Science is everything!” because it’s too broad. Science isn’t religion. Science isn’t literature. It’s just science.

Is it science when you feed your dog chocolate and later it gets sick? Maybe. Is it science when you light a picture of Jack Nicholson on fire and chant “redrum” over and over in a throaty, congested-sounding voice? Well, yes.

And is it science when you breakdance to a Cee Lo Green song? Definitely. Who does that? It’s also art.

Science is complicated, like everything. If you think too hard about something, it gets complicated. If I drew a line ——————————————– and thought about the symbolism involved, which way it was going, how it’s infinite (it really isn’t, I hate when my math teacher says making arrowheads on the line makes it infinite. It stops at the arrowheads), and what’s associated with lines, after a while, I start feeling sick to my stomach and I go lay down and sniff a tub of Vicks until I feel better.

Back to science- on a philosophical sense, I’m not sure I like it. I don’t like discovering why a certain thing is- just that it is. The asking of “why” can ruin a thing. If I were to approach you, Viewer, and give you flowers and chocolates, would you like it? Yes, you probably would.

“Why?” you ask.


You find out that you don’t want the gifts anymore, you’d rather do without them. They could be nice flowers, but you’re morally above putting stolen funeral-flowers on display, right? You don’t want to anymore, and you would’ve been fine if you only hadn’t asked why I gave them to you.

It’d be nicer to think that our bodies work magically, not that they’re made up of atoms which make up proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and amino acids that make up cells that make up tissues that make up organs that make up organ systems that make up our body. That’s too much to handle. How do the atoms work? They work according to Quantum Physics, which contradicts Einstein’s theory of relativity- how does that work? Two planes of physics at once? It seems like scientists just make up stuff, sometimes.

I’d rather believe the stars are lamps hanging above the Earth.

I’d rather call the sun Helios or Sol, and believe that every day, Apollo flies across the sky in a chariot, dragging it along.

I’d rather believe the moon is where you go when you die, and call it the Queen of Life and Death.
-Greeks/Tartars of Central Asia

-Thom, Aestheism, not atheism.

PS Check out the new poetry tab. You’ll like it. I promise.


Comments on: "Science – Disproved!" (2)

  1. Way to miss the bus. :) I hope to see you up here in the library soon. But this was such a cool post. All I write is stupid things these days…I’ll have to really sit down and think next time.
    Love ya.

  2. (I totally just did this by the seat of my pants, what are you talking about?) Your posts are fine, silly, I wrote this in six seconds- I didn’t sit down and think or anything!
    And yours make me laugh (like shit- I went there [to Cee Lo]) a lot.
    Love ya too.

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