A Little Perspective From Tom Church


This title is not a metaphor for a variety of different subjects covered within the confines of this blog; I simply like the word.

Smorgasbord (which, admittedly, I used to think was spelled something like SMORTGAGE-BOARD): A Scandinavian meal, and a serving of multiple dishes. In Norway it’s called a Koldtbord.

As any Diligent Viewer (ZACK) can see, the layout of aestheism has changed, not too dramatically (we’re not trying to change the layout to the point where it drives people away), but still, it’s different.

We’ve been having a purely scriptual problem with: MENUS. Menus are WordPress’s way of saying “Eff you, Tom.” I’ve fiddled with the damn thing for countless hours (okay, maybe only like, four minutes, tops) and I conclude that Menu widgets are the works of Satan. If you’re a believer of Greek Mythology, deal; I’m not saying Hades, even though you and I both want to. Restraint for the sake of restraint – paradox for today.

Menus are, in a word, beingreallylame. Therefore, like we always do in times of crisis, Erin and I came up with a brilliant solution:

See, it starts out, we infiltrate specific political positions effectively, through appropriate and skilled usage of public speaking and “quiet-bribing,” and then we gain access to all nuclear power plants in Maryland, at the very least, making sure to cover any sort of virtual tracks we may lea-

Oh, wait. Wrong plan.

We’ll make tabs: STORIES, POEMS, ANECDOTES, REVIEWS. Tabs are made through the creation of PAGES, which are a pain, normally, because they make tabs. But now that we want to make tabs, it won’t be so annoying.

These tabs will be the only four tabs we’ll make, ever. And we’ll add things to them, and those things will simply accumulate. When we exceed a limit (we’ll set a limit to the number of things in each category), we’ll delete the oldest (saving it to my computer) and add a new one.

It’s a good plan! Credit to Erin. She has such good ideas.

Aestheism, Not Atheism.

P.S. About the whole comment-and-tell-us-your-ideas thing, that’s good. Do that. But just to let you all know, if you don’t, we won’t run out of ideas. I’m confident that Erin and I can write a decent post about just about anything, and we don’t mind writing even when no one is viewing. It’s just an added bonus, really, all your views; We have a total of almost a thousand now. Thank you all for reading!


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  1. Thanks for commenting- NOONE.
    Guhh post, Tomcat.

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