A Little Perspective From Tom Church

So guys, I have been thinking about posting. Having a blog hooked up to my mind would be incredibly convenient.

And… revealing…

Just kidding, my thoughts are as pure as a newborn child.

Uh, wait…

Now that I’ve gotten myself into one of the many classic literary jams, I’d like to address: AWKWARDNESS, in direct follow-up of Erin’s post (for which I thank her greatly) Awkwardness is-

“lacking skill or dexterity; clumsy.”

Apparently, within the context of the All-Knowing Norse Culture, it’s associated with the prefix “Qfugr,” which means “wrong way.”

Norse people, in between the time that the automobile was invented and their race died out due to the bubonic plague, put up signs on the road saying “Qfugr!” and no one understood, and they all died awkward deaths.

I think that most people are pretty awkward, in their own way. I’m generally less-willing to accept people unless I see them do something awkward, because I myself am just an awkward guy. I walk kind of funny, I guess I kind of shamble (which I like to think of as a cool, Tom Sawyer-ish, bow-legged trot). My hair’s always flipping out and messy. I bring the same lunch to school every day (in a lunchbox with a moose on it, and my initials), and I often trip over my own feet.

Luckily, I’ve come to terms with all that, and I’m not as easily embarrassed as I once was. There’ve been several times where I goofed up, and couldn’t find, in the dark recesses of my soon-to-be-revealed mind (tele-blog technology), a reasonable course of action to follow.

Imagine this: I’m in ninth grade, and I’m leaning on a desk at the beginning of class. Seven or eight students have showed up. I kind of put all my weight on my arm, and the desk flips over and I fall on my back.

I get up clumsily, and some girl named Callie, who literally witnessed the whole thing right in front of me, goes “Are you all right?”

I jump up, literally bouncing. “YEAH.” I say stupidly. “YEAH. Y-YEAH. I’M FINE.” I go to my desk, sit down, and stare blankly at the chalkboard.

Qfugr as hell.



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