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Osama Bin Laden?

There’s no question that the guy’s been a pretty top priority for the last two decades or so. Bin Laden? Hell, yes. Bin Laden is like Hitler and Julius Caesar reincarnated into a Muslim crazy guy who was abused as a child.

I won’t go too into detail on the peculiarity of Osama (Usama? It appears the media is trying to differentiate between Obama and Osama by making Osama, Usama). Instead, my good friend Amanda will.

This is new, so I’ll make sure to let you guys in on this: People have been wanting to contribute to my blog, and I don’t feel totally comfortable giving the password to everyone. So once in a very long while, I’ll make a post containing the official works of a friend of mine, written in emboldened text, so you know it’s not me. Of course, I’ll write a note at the top saying, “This is my friend. I have friends. I’m not a nerd. Shutup.”

I’m kind of psyched to see what Amanda has to offer; I think it’s important that my blog is literally diverse and interesting to read. I think people’d get tired of just me; you guys need people like Erin F. Nolan and Amanda and the whole lot.

But so far, it seems like you guys are pretty down with my nonsense. My views aren’t absolute rubbish!

-Thom (aestheism… not atheism)

[In case you have literally been living under a rock (or haven’t gone on Facebook) during the past twenty four hours, Osama bin Laden, leader of al Qaeda and orchestrator of the 9/11 attacks, was killed outside of his Pakistani “compound.” To Americans and freedom-lovers everywhere, this came as joyous news. I remember turning on the television and watching with fascination as the Liberal Media Elite relayed to me the facts of his death. How he was tracked down in a city outside of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. How he was finally taken down by American special forces with the help of Pakistani agents. How President Obama (not Osama, he’s the dead one) was about to confirm live from the White House the success of the mission, and how a raucous crowd of people had gathered in front of the White House, cheering and toting American flags.
Watching this, I felt a strange mixture of patriotism and unease. Here are people jubilantly celebrating in the streets over a man’s death. I understand that he was responsible for the mass murder of thousands of Americans and non-Americans alike, but all of the cheering and chants of “USA! USA!” felt a little like the glorifying of murder, approved by a President whose party is traditionally against the death penalty. In my opinion, and my opinions have been known to incite anger at times, it’s all a little distasteful.
Yes, this is a much-needed victory for the United States, and certainly a step in the right direction in the war on terror, but not necessarily something that warrants an all-night session of partying in the streets. I’m sure it brought at least a small amount of emotional relief to survivors of the victims of al Qaeda’s attacks carried out under him. But this is not the end, by far. Al Qaeda will not be in ruins because of the death of one man. By killing bin Laden, we did not “kill terrorism” as I have heard some say.
The way I see it, this was an event that brought Americans, both Republican, Democrat and in between, together. It was a culmination of efforts led by both Presidents Bush and Obama. They were wise enough to see that it was not a partisan issue, and I think that’s the way all of the American people felt last night. When Obama gave his speech, he was not addressing a specific group of people. He was addressing a nation of diverse individuals united under a common goal, something that rarely happens. I’m sure in days to come the die-hard conservatives will give him flak for defending Islam in his speech, and die-hard liberals will criticize him for supposedly giving Bush too much credit. But for now, I’m going to enjoy the feeling of unity and Americanism that the death of a man by gunshot has given a country that is usually divided by party lines.
To end this post on a non-political, more Thom-ish note, it’d be funny to meet a kid named Paul Bear.

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  1. A man, duh said:

    Haha thanks for putting up with my ranting.

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