A Little Perspective From Tom Church

iTunes, You Bastard!

“Please don’t tell me, that I’m drea-ea-min’, when all I ever wanted was to, dream another sunset with you…”

Sorry. I’ve had a song stuck in my head for the past two days. Something’s all effed to hell on our iTunes, so when we buy songs, we don’t know where it gets the money from. Not a gift card, and that really only leaves a credit card, so we haven’t bought anything. It’s a delicate situation, and a few bucks hang in the balance, so we’ve gotta take it easy.

I hate the $1.29 for popular songs. Hate it! It throws off… everything. There used to be a system: 99 songs you buy equals one free song, practically, with the 99 pennies you’d saved. Well, now it’s 29 songs buys a popular song for the price of a normal song, with the 29 pennies you saved. What the hell. Change it. Now.

I hate iTunes. It’s not efficient, smart, or cheap. It’s a dollar per song, when I could just as easily download it off of Limewire, Frostwire, or some other sketchy place. Music should be free! I listen to shit on the radio every day! If artists want money, play gigs and get personal radio channels where they can advertise between songs. CDs can still cost money, I’m fine with that; no one buys CDs anyways, which is a little sad. I miss them. And it’s hard to find them.

Music is so addicting when you find the right stuff to listen to. And it’s annoying to have to pay for everything, you know? If I don’t want to go on youtube and search it fifty billion times, I have to go on iTunes and slap it on my iPod. It was perfectly okay to record music off the radio on tapes, and it’s okay to burn CDs and give them to people… I guess I’m just missing something…

Off the subject of music, I’d like to talk about my new anecdote:

Read it, please.



Comments on: "iTunes, You Bastard!" (2)

  1. Erin Rothback said:

    *I buy CDS*

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