A Little Perspective From Tom Church

4/20 Day?

As many people know, 4/20 day is a day encouraging (well, more socially than anything) the consumption of cannabis (pronounced ke-no-bee, like Obi Wan-Kenobi).

(Uh, not really)

4/20 came about when a group of teenagers (part of a club called The Waldos) started holding meetings at an abandoned cannabis plantation, at 4:20 PM. The group started referring to their weed-smoking escapades as “4/20’s.”

So for some reason, the entire United States has to recognize this stupid group of teenagers that did illegal things with a social, unofficial holiday.

I don’t really understand that. I wikipedia’d the hell out of this thing, and it’s considered a culture. Cannabis culture. How is smoking a plant culture?

I don’t do drugs or anything, just cause I’m a social misfit, and so I really don’t see the point in stuff like this. I DISCOURAGE EVERYONE FROM PARTAKING IN THIS.

I like the band 3/11 (reggae rock, kind of. I don’t normally like reggae, I find it a bit overrated, but some of 3/11’s stuff is pretty catchy), and I was told about a year ago that 3/11 was not just a random band name, it was actually symbolic of the time 3:11, which is a good time to smoke weed.

Cool. I didn’t listen to them again for a while.

I don’t know if it’s true or not; maybe March 11 is a special date for one of the band members. Maybe the singer had his first baby on March 11, you know? Maybe it was the day he got a fortune cookie that hinted at his marriage with a beautiful woman, which ended up not being true. Who the hell knows? IT’S NOT THE PERFECT TIME TO SMOKE POT. THERE IS NO PERFECT TIME TO SMOKE IT.

I’ve written a haiku about the dangers of kenobi:

Pot is very bad
I don’t like it, it sucks lots
Pot can suck it hard

Okay, so not so much the dangers of pot, as much as just pot flat-out sucks and stuff. And I was hard-pressed for syllables, so it got kind of insulting (and even sexual, if you think about it) towards the end. I’m sorry, but this stuff needs to be said, and dammit, I’m going to be creative and shove the shit into a haiku!

Which is a Japanese poem, mind you.



Comments on: "4/20 Day?" (4)

  1. Erin Rothback said:

    Woo hoo, 4/20 Day! ;)
    Pot in my pocket,
    It tempts me like no other.
    And then it kills me.
    Nice post, made my pot day a little brighter, dear.

  2. Jamie Schaefer said:

    Failure. The second like has 8 syllables!

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