A Little Perspective From Tom Church

Hi, Everyone!

My name’s Tom, and I’ve just now made this blog called “aestheism.” I kind of like that, honestly, because it means that I’ve typed in a word for a username that nobody else has… it makes me feel somewhat special. Aestheism, or aesthetics, is a kind of philosophy involving the creation and appreciation of beauty. So anyone can be an aesthete if they want; it’s an unofficial club.

Back to a short introduction of myself, I like long walks on the-

No Tom. Not yet.

I understand that blogging is posting personal opinions on things no one really cares about (and I guess in some cases, peopleĀ do care about them), which is why I’m so excited on creating this new thing. There’s just so many possibilities. I’m thinking album reviews, for one, would be cool. I’ve got quite the musical taste… I’m a bit all over the place. I can also do book reviews (What? Yes. I read) and video reviews, maybe. I’m not as much of a youtube fanatic as most people are. But I enjoy the occasional funny video, I guess. Some are kind of silly and pointless.




Comments on: "Hi, Everyone!" (4)

  1. Isabella Cohen said:

    ‘Lo, TomCat!
    Nice post, nice post…I’ll be following these. And I’m leaving a comment because it says that if I do, it will email me everytime you post.
    Not like you won’t tell me when you post.
    Or like I didn’t want to comment.
    But, yes.
    Keep it up.

  2. good blog tommy keep postin and ill keep readin, hopefully there will be some vlogs soon. I’d love to see em’.

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